Question:  I can't login on iPhone/iPad

Answer:  We're aware of the isse and will have a solution for it soon.   You can easily get around this by clicking on any video purchase link which will automatically take you to the login page.

Question: I'm having trouble purchasing a match on my iPad with tokens.

Answer:  Another odd bug that we're aware of that only affects certain older iPad firmwares.  You can still purchase a match on any device and view them on an iPad.

Question: How much is it?

Answer: We have differnt price tiers available ranging from 5 dollars to 100 dollars.  With every tier increase you get free bonus tokens.  

Question:  Why tokens and not cash?

Answer:  In order to provide you with the cheapest viewing experience possible we went with a token system to avoid microtransaction fees on paypal.  This way, a match that is listed as 10 tokens will always be one dollar or less with bulk purchase.

Question:  Video won't load, WTF?!

Answer:  Try reloading the browser page.  If that doesn't work, back out to the main FWE VOD page and try watching your match/show again.  If that doesn't work, contact us via this link FWEVod@aol.com

Question:  Will my rental expire?

Answer:  Yes, either after three or seven days from the minute you buy it.

Question:  What about download to own, what's the deal with those?

Answer:  Those videos are just that, download to own.  They are 720p rips of our blu-ray discs.  If you download them to own, they are yours forever.  

Question:  I get a really long and weird error message across the player.

Answer:  It means we typed something capitalezed that should have been lower case or vice versa.  Report it to us and we'll promptly fix it and reward you for finding a broken video.