Empire City Showdown (8/20/11)
FWE's 3rd show will forever be known as the night a World Champion was crowned. Former 5x Women's Champion Melina added fuel to the fire with her first post-WWE appearance. She managed Eric Young in the main event triple threat match against former multiple TNA Title holder Jay Lethal and former WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas. Charlie Haas was accompanied by his sultry wife and former WWE Diva Jackie, who was not a fan of Melina's debut. The two eyed each other all night until they inevitably locked up for a catfight of their own during the Championship match. Even with the spectacular match and the catfight, this night is most known for the shocking conclusion that nobody in the crowd ever expected... or can ever forget. Commentary from Michael Schiavello, Frank Trigg and Jordan Schneider
Running time: 122 Minutes
Release: 2012-08-29

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FWE Heavyweight Championship Eric Young w/Melina vs Jay Lethal vs Charlie Haas w/Jackie Haas (includes opening promo)